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David Schembri

Author, Poet and Comic Creator

Abandoned Home

New Release

Splitting Sides 2 

Based on the stories from horror writer, David Schembri, Splitting Sides comes back to you with its second issue. Once again, every page features distinct and dazzling illustrations by the author along with his darkly humorous tribute to horror comics of the 50s.


Splitting Sides 2 presents two tales: Crowman and Fangs for Dropping By. Along with some delightfully entertaining advertisements, this comic will leave you horrified and giggling at the same time. Sit back and enjoy this second instalment into the crazy reaches of David’s mind.

Splitting Sides II 2_Cover.jpg

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New Release

Crowman #1

The city of Melbourne can be a dark place at times. Evil can lurk in the alleys, threatening peace. But, someone is watching. Vigilant, fearless, he will fight to maintain peace and justice.


Welcome to the first issue of Crowman, and better still, it’s a colouring book! Follow him as he encounters a strange villain from his past. Will this be his final showdown? Will he live to fight another day? Will the city be in desperate need for another protector if things go sour? Turn the pages, colour them in, and find out.


This is the wacky world of Crowman. 

Get ready.

He’s big. 

He’s powerful.

And he’s a little goofy. Enjoy!

Crowman Issue 1.png

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Vibrant and irreverent, David Schembri’s Splitting Sides re-examines some of our best-loved horror tropes in a riot of monstery fun.

‘Lee Murray, four-time Bram Stoker Awards®-winning author of Grotesque: Monster Stories

Praise & Reviews

Unearthly Fables" is a book that every fan of short, sharp fiction must have on his bookshelf. David Schembri's fiction is dark and brutal, and although it cuts to the chase, it still manages to be eloquent and descriptive, giving his flash fiction a distinctly poetic edge. And, as the word 'fable' in the title suggests, there is a fairy tale feel to many of his stories. I'm looking forward to reading more of David's fables in the future.

‘Cameron Trost, author and publisher of Black Beacon Books.

I love poetry mixed in with short fiction, and there's much to like about this collection of deliciously dark offerings from David Schembri (including some fab accompanying illustrations). Beneath the Ferny Tree is a versatile collection that delves into dark fantasy and as comfortably as it does the dark underbelly of humanity.

See Upcoming Appearances

Here a couple of events I have planned to attend. More details will be confirmed closer to the dates.

AsylumFest 3 - October 28th 2024, Asylum Ghost Tours, Book signings and sales, all-day event.

Comic Creator Day - First Satruday of May in 2024, Alternate Worlds, Comic, artwork and book signings, all-day event.


About David Schembri

David Schembri is an author, artist, comic creator and poet from Australia. He is the author of Unearthly Fables (The Writing Show, 2013), the Australian Shadows Awards-nominated collection, Beneath The Ferny Tree (Close-Up Books, 2018), and the comics, Splitting Sides: Tales of Humorous Horror #1 & #2, and Crowman #1. 

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