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David Schembri is an author of horror, supernatural thrillers, dark science fiction, and genre poetry. He also illustrates his work with visions of the characters he writes and focal scenes from his stories.


He thrives with time with his family, loves driving his small classic car, keeps fit, and writes about magic, adventures in the far reaches of space, and the horrific monsters of humanity and beyond.


He also likes to animate cartoons and annoy his cat. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.


David Schembri is an author, artist, genre poet and designer from rural Victoria, Australia. He is the author of the horror collections, UNEARTHLY FABLES (2013) and



David's poetry has been published in several issues of the Hippocampus Press Magazine, Spectral Realms, edited by S.T. Joshi. The Anno KlarkAsh-Ton Anthology by Rainfall Books, and their magazines: Strange Sorcery and Creepy Nightmares. His latest poem is published in issue 13 of Midnight Echo.


David lives with his lovely wife and children.

Dave's Books

A strong collection of horror based morality tales. David Schembri hits all the right notes with these vignettes, where dark revenge is a strong theme.

Anthony Ferguson

Horror Writer  and  Editor - AHWA


Read what people out there think about my first book, Unearthly Fables.

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