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Based on the stories from horror writer, David Schembri, Splitting Sides features distinct and dazzling illustrations by the author along with his darkly humorous tribute to horror comics of the 50s. Splitting Sides presents two tales: 'Day of the Vorcha' and 'The Date-Night Dead', along with some delightfully entertaining advertisements, this comic will leave you horrified and giggling at the same time.


About the Author:


David Schembri is an author, artist and genre poet from Australia. He is the author of the horror collections, Unearthly Fables (in collaboration with The Writing Show, 2013) and the Australian Shadows Awards-nominated collection, Beneath The Ferny Tree (Close-Up Books, 2018). His first and forthcoming novella Hell Night, will be released in 2023 - more news on the publisher shortly.

David’s short fiction has been published by Chaosium Inc, Horror World Press, Things in the Well and Midnight Echo.

His poetry has appeared in several issues of the Hippocampus Press Magazine, Spectral Realms, edited by S.T. Joshi. Poetry appearances are also noted within the Anno KlarkAsh-Ton Anthology by Rainfall Books, issue 13 of Midnight Echo and Issue 55 of Silver Blade Magazine.

David’s first comic book Splitting Sides was launched in October at Asylumfest - 2022.

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